JTL – Volume 9, Number 4 (October 2015)

Comparison between common traffic lights and three types of traffic lights with visual cycle – a safety and capacity analysis, by Luciana Maria Gasparello Spigolon, Barbara Stolte Bezerra*, Jorge Tiago Bastos, Antonio Clóvis Pinto Ferraz, Rosane Aparecida Gomes Battistelli [Paper in English].

Behavior and analysis of railway noise in the city of Santa Maria/RS, by Felipe Cipriani Luzzi, Tatiana Cureau Cervo*, Luciano Pivoto Specht [Paper in Portuguese].
Optimizing the airport check-in counter allocation problem, by Gerson Emilio Araujo Diaz, Hugo Miguel Varela Repolho* [Paper in English].
Motion analysis of passengers on route 447 or Morón-Ciego de Ávila, by Lorenzo Dominico Díaz, Nicolas Quintana Bernabé* [Paper in Spanish].

Analysis of operating performance in Brazilian container terminals, by Ana Maria Volkmer de Azambuja*, Maiquiel Schmidt de Oliveira, Milton Luiz Paiva de Lima [Paper in Portuguese].

Assessing carriers’ logistical performance indicator by shippers in the São Paulo Metropolitan Area, by  Denisson Pereira, José Geraldo Vidal Vieira*, João Eduardo Azevedo Ramos da Silva,  Elisangela Fernandes da Silva Campana Possidonio [Paper in English].

Humanitarian facilities as an alternative in the preparation for seasonal events in the state of the Amazon, by Thiago Maciel Neto*, Mirian Buss Gonçalves [Paper in Portuguese].

Binomial logistic regression model of household motorcycle ownership in Akure: Ondo State Nigeria, by  Olugbenga Joseph Oyedepo*, Japheth Etu [Paper in English].…